Best day of the week to have sex with our escorts Barcelona

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Every day is perfect for having sex, because of the great benefits they offer. Thanks to the intimate relations, if you realize them periodically, you will feel more attractive and happy, in form, your stress will be reduced, you will be healthier, since your heart will be healthier and the pains will disappear, and you will fall asleep more quickly. All advantages.

At Muntaner 101 we are at your disposal every day, waiting to offer you the best sex in Barcelona, full of excitement and lust, with the best escorts Barcelona.

Our girls, true beauties, of all nationalities and physical characteristics so that you can choose, are going to realize your most pleasurable sexual fantasies. Have you already experienced anal sex? What are you waiting for? Just having our girls in front of you will drive you crazy.

At Muntaner 101 we provide pleasure whenever your body asks for sex.

There are also studies confirming that the best day of the week to have sex is Thursday. On this particular day, the body produces sex hormones more actively, both men and women. The livid is skyrocketing early in the day as male testosterone levels are higher and female estrogens multiply considerably.

Therefore, there is a simultaneity of the couple that produces the desire to have sex.
In the same way, Thursday is the happiest weekday, probably because the weekend is approaching.

Whatever day it is, I’m sure you have the hormones at the top. Like our escorts Barcelona too, come to Muntaner 101 and you will experience sensations never seen before. They’re excited every day, but today more than ever.

Have fun in our facilities every day and feel the best sex in Barcelona. We are at your entire disposal whenever you need to experience pleasant sensations.

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