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Club Muntaner 101 is a temple of sensations and experiences in an exclusive environment, decorated in wood, located in one of the best tourist areas of Barcelona, specifically in the area of the Nova Esquerra de la Eixample.

We offer our clients unique and innovative treatments: two bars, main and intimate, private booth and rooms designed in wood where you will find the maximum pleasure and relaxation with Thai Foot massages. All rooms have their own bathroom.

The place has four rooms with small beds, decorated in wood. It also has a room with a 2×2 bed and roof bars for special massages. There are several rooms that have mirrors on the ceiling.

We have a room with two beds and decorated with mirrors that has a large pool with water treated with ozone: it enriches and intensifies the action of the water itself, providing bactericidal, anti-infectious and analgesic properties, perfect for favouring correct circulation, treating states of anxiety and stress, relaxing muscles and joints… In short, improving health and well-being.

You can visit Club Muntaner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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