Sadomasochism in Barcelona. Why not?

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Sadomasochism in Barcelona is a sexual service that, although it is not brought up a lot, is much sought after by Barcelona escorts.


Many men directly relate sadomasochism in Barcelona as a sexual service where pain occurs and therefore conceive it as something unpleasant and do not feel like practicing with an escorts in Barcelona.


But we must bear in mind that, as a general rule, a sexual service of an escorts in Barcelona will never produce anything other than excitement, pleasure, and morbidity or anything else that a man asks of the escort in Barcelona.


It can never be considered as violence, abuse, or improper practice because the main condition for sadomasochism in Barcelona, is that all parties agree and expose their limits before starting. The escorts in Barcelona will always be willing to make you enjoy the sadomasochistic sexual service that you request.


So what is sadomasochism in Barcelona about?

It is the pleasure that a person feels when feeling pain and/or humiliation as a sexual practice.


How can come that it produces pleasure?

When feeling pain, the body sends endorphins to the brain, causing a sensation of pleasure because endorphins perform a function similar to morphine, that is, when we suffer pain it calms and relaxes that pain to a pleasant point.

Endorphins work in the same way, but on a smaller scale when we feel little pain.

For this reason, sadomasochism in Barcelona implies generating this pain in a controlled way, little by little and with care.


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